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Review: Stories – The Youth To Become.

Sydney’s rising stars, Stories release their debut album on the 14th August through UNFD and Rise Records, the follow up to their 2013 EP Void which really shone a light on their creative process. The band will be touring their homeland of Australia throughout September with In Heart’s Wake and Make Them Suffer, which you can see here.

Dodson’s screaming vocals are raw and driven throughout the record, with some amazing screaming done that works with the melodies the band has created on this record. The mixture of singing and screaming is well balanced on this record and really all works well together, Highwater is a perfect example of this.

Produced excellently, the talent in this band is shown throughout this album with some huge riffs that go on throughout this record, tracks such as For A Second..I Couldn’t See A Thing has some great guitar work, and this carries on throughout the record, instrumental pieces such as Shadow Window are excellent with a great use of melody and sound that isn’t seen all that often. Lyrically strong throughout, the Dodson brothers are at the heart of the creative process and it’s a real strength for this band as this I’m sure ensures this band works together so well.

Stories, certainly know how to tell one. And it shows on this record throughout, the album is made perfectly, though I think this band could have pushed their sound further, as this band are known for real creativity with their work. There is a lot of great work going on this album that is hard to ignore – With great riffs throughout and some excellent screaming and singing vocals, The Youth To Become is a pretty fine record. Highlights of this album for me are Under Haze, Highwater, Waves Of Me and For A Second..I Couldn’t See A Thing.



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