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Review: The Waifs – Beautiful You.

The Waifs who released their album last week, Beautiful You, the band are now on their seventh album. Hailing from Australia, the band begun as a trio of two sisters, Vicki and Donna Simpson, and Josh Cunningham, and Beautiful You comes after a hiatus for the band, who are streaming the album completely on Spotify now.

The vocals are impeccable from the start of the album, the female vocals brought by the Simpsons are perfect for the melodies the band created on this record, the gentle guitar work makes everything work really well together – a band who have have made a great folk record, keeping it simple on this album has definitely worked to their favour – Dark Highways and opener Black Dirt Track make that clear.

Lyrically, it’s poetic and lovely to listen to and probably The Waif’s greatest strength on this album with some sweet little songs like Come Away and 6000 Miles thrown in there to make for some strong songs and some nice little choruses that fit wonderfully on this record, and the strength of the vocals are really the cherry on top. Cunningham’s vocals on tracks such as Cracks Of Dawn are reminiscent of Dylan, which is a nice harkening to the roots of the band, the band begun covering Dylan songs.

Though it feels samey in places, this is a very nice record, with some great melodies, with some nice harmonica work and guitar melodies which really work perfectly together. With some excellent harmonies, this is a very good record and certainly worth giving a listen. Highlights for me on this record are Rowena And Wallace, Cracks Of Dawn and 6000 Miles, these tracks are really quite lovely to listen to, and worth giving a listen if you like folk music, you can hear why this band has lasted so long.


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