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Review: Standing Tall, Foxing and Tigers Jaw – Owl Sanctuary, Norwich 19/08/2015.

WP_20150819_004Tonight’s show was the first on the tour which had been sold out, and after seeing this show, this is absurd, because it’s a fantastic tour and you should go see it right now, well, as soon as you can. Headlining, Scranton’s finest Tiger’s Jaw who are promoting most recent release Charmer, and Foxing in support who later this year release their new album, their first single Dealer, epic live.

Standing Tall have a great presence and bludgeon your eardrums with some big guitars in the greatest of ways, a really good choice for local support tonight they had a really great and consistent sound which really got the gig started in the face of a crowd who had to be motivated in the middle of the week. A great live band, they have a new EP coming out on Friday, which you can find out more about here, and you definitely should, they’re my new favourite local band.

Foxing do really make the trumpet a really cool instrument, and it was used a lot in the set, and it sounds awesome, this band making some amazing melodies and beats, fusing synth sounds with a full band is perfectly done and live they pull it off effortlessly. Murphy’s vocals are excellent and are reminiscent of bands such as Empire! Empire! I Was A Lonely Estate, it sounds great together and were a great band live, the man can move a microphone around a stage like no one else I’ve seen.

Tiger’s Jaw are an awesome band live and that showed tonight, the band know how to make a song and that showed when they played Chemicals, one of their older songs, but one that made that crowd move and for a small venue, create an amazing amount of crowd surfing. A set of songs that really would get the dead moving, the band really have a great energy live and it was such a pleasure to watch them on their first tour of the UK.

One of the best gigs I’ve seen so far, and the best I’ve seen at The Owl Sanctuary, it’s a perfect line up with a huge amount of talent, if you can go and see this tour do it. You’ll never see them in venues this small again, because everyone should be listening to them and so a basement will not be big enough again.



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