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Review: Lost Film – Imago.

Today, Lost Film release their new album, Imago through The Native Sound. Known for a mellow pop sound, the band are playing some shows in New York and Massachusetts their home state at the beginning of September. You can find the stream now through Absolute Punk here.

The effortless melodies on this record are some of my favourites of the year, with a chilled out guitar vibe that makes this album so easy to listen to. It has unusual beats to it however working with the acoustic sound of the album it does all work well together, it feels in places like one very long in places though, some parts too familiar with one another. The music on tracks such as Something’s Missing and closing song Our Town make for some great highlights for melodies.

Vocally strong and with some great writing, Imago is a record with a lot of depth to it in quite a minimal way, the way the vocals entertwine with the sound the band are making is really nicely done and something Lost Film do better than many bands I’ve heard this year – the vocals have an ethereal out there vibe that adds to music beautifully. Houses springs to mind when it comes to thinking of a track where that is all illustrated perfectly.

There’s a lot of great songs on this record and if you like an acoustic chilled out pop sound, this record is perfect for you, gentle vocals, excellent use of synth and simple but effective melodies, this album is done extremely well when it comes to the music. Highlights for me on this record are I Taught You, Something’s Missing and Try Reprise, but it’s a record you really need to hear as one thing and not parts of it, as you have to hear how good it sounds altogether.



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