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Review: Standing Tall – Self Titled EP.

Coming off the back of a sold out gig supporting Tigers Jaw on Wednesday, Standing Tall released their self titled EP yesterday. The band live played some of these tracks excellently and are certainly worth seeing live – the band go on a short tour this month and are certainly worth giving a listen. You can listen now to the EP on Spotify here.

Live, Do You Feel Low? Sounds excellent and as the opener on the EP it sounds even better with some great guitars and big melodies that really work and this continues on I Should Have Listened To My Friends. Marchesi’s vocals are excellent on this record and it’s produced perfectly, really emphasising the strengths of this band and the quality of his voice.

This band can write a chorus and really can write a song and it shows on the self titled, tracks such as I Should Have Listened To My Friends show that but so does Letting Go, where the band have some big hooks that live work excellently and will continue to do so, partnered with the vocals it sounds emotive and each song works really ties in well together making for a great record – if the band continue in this vein, the band are set for bigger things in the future.

I’m not evangelical about bands in forcing people to listen, but if you like big guitars and an emo rock sound to a record, than this self titled EP is the record for you and definitely worth giving a blast. Great guitars on  this record that are emphasised by the excellent production it’s the debut record you want under your belt. Highlights for me on this EP are I Should Have Listened To My Friends, Do You Feel Low? And Are You Really There? However it’s all very good.



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