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Review: Stuart McCallum – City.

mccallumStuart McCallum releases his new album on the 28th of August through Naim Jazz Records. The album made up of a lot of blurred genres it’s a mix of pop, jazz and acoustic, there’s a lot of talent on this record and you can listen to a small taster of the record, T-Onics here.

McCullum’s lyrics are simple but promising, and with silky vocals like this, they work perfectly together, with a smooth sound that is made for a jazz vibe, tracks such as the eponymous, ‘City’ really showcase this perfectly, with a really smooth simplicity to the track, it’s a really great start to the record.

Melody wise, City is an easy listening kind of record with some lovely grooves that tie together perfectly, making it perfect for late nights and unwinding to, track such as North Star with the vocals of Sharlene Hector sound delicious and accompanied by a slow burning beat sounds great. There are many collaborations on this record and each collaboration feels well created and made for the partnership, Trio Seven where violinist Emma Sweeney is featured is another highlight.

City is a nice and smooth record which brings together a huge amount of talent from all types of music, which makes it an interesting record to listen to as it blends genres together. Slow and well paced it’s a record perfect for unwinding from a long day in the office and certainly worth a listen if you like electronica, pop or jazz and the fusion of all three. Highlights on the record are Said And Done, Trio Seven and Inhale.




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