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Review: Halsey – Badlands.

Halsey is a rising star and probably a musician with this new record. Badlands,  to keep an eye on as she rises to prominence. There’s been some great singles so far from this album, Hold Me Down being an excellent taste of this record. Released today you can hear the album now on Spotify.

Halsey’s writing style does work brilliantly on this record straight from the start of the album, Castle has a great drop into the chorus which are written perfectly on this record, her way with words come from a sincere place and I think that shows on this record, they feel from a personal place, and it’s translated so well on Badlands.

The melodies on this record have a really nice groove, Hold Me Down shows that but it does go on throughout the record, New Americana and Roman Holiday show this perfectly, it’s got some really nice synth sounds throughout and a lot of thought has gone into making this record and it works together really well. Halsey is an artist that you’re not sure could do next and this record has so many avenues that it’s very hard to guess. It’s an exciting record to listen to from a young talent.

Badlands for Halsey was the mental state she felt she was in, and the translation of her mind is tragically brilliant on this record with some beautiful melodies on songs like Haunting that work throughout the whole of this album. Though the lyrics are simple but the hooks are huge and it’s just an awesome listen, if you like some progressive pop in your life, Badlands my friend is made for you, (if you’re a fan of bands such as The Maine, you’ll love this). Hard to pick highlights on this record, but tracks that stand out to me are Castle, Hold Me Down and Young God.



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