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Review: Infinity Girl – Harm.

infinity girl cover artTopshelf Records’ Infinity Girl, released their new album on Friday and released a stream of the album and you can listen to it on Billboard right now. This is their sophomore record and their first released on Topshelf, the band known for a shoegazer to pop punk style, and certainly worth giving a listen.

Melodies and beats are where this band have been inventive on this record and it makes for a great listen, keeping your attention throughout the record, particularly on tracks such as Firehead where the underlying synth sounds really keep you listening and you’ll be glad you did delivered with that fuzzy production that makes this record tie together well.

Vocally it’s great, with a dark and haunting sound to their album with an energetic pace thrown in to boot, Eley’s vocals are strong and soft when needed, and really show what he can bring to a record, tracks such as Hold really bring that to light. However what really stands out throughout this record is the inventiveness of the guitarists on this album – and really this highlight of the record, Hold is a good example for this too, but tracks such as Liner and Young really show the high class of the rhythms on this album.

Inventive and interesting, this band have created a record that really creates a raw noise that is very much worth giving a listen to – Topshelf Records don’t put out bad records really, and Infinity Girl have not let them down with a fuzzy vibe to the album that makes it their record, it’s not like anything I’ve heard before in how they work with melodies and it makes for an awesome listen. If you like bands such as Turnover this is perfect for you.

Highlights for me on this record are, Dirty Sun, Liner and Young however I think it’s a pretty solid record throughout.



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