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Review: Stories Of Living – Save Your Breath.

stories of living save your breath cover artNew Jersey’s Stories Of Living released their album, Save Your Breath on the 28th August through Standby Records. The band recorded the album with Jesse Cannon whose worked with the likes of Man Overboard, Transit and Saves The Day and so this album should sound pretty good. You can listen to a stream on Standby Records Youtube right now.

This is very good pop punk with some big hooks that anyone can get stuck in their head, and it’s a lot of fun to listen to, Fxck This Party and Enough Is Enough have some quite simple writing but some very good choruses but with a good amount of angst in there too, tracks such as 16.67% and Enemies Like Me show that.

The melodies are pretty good on this record and strong throughout, with some good guitar riffs throughout the album, it’s a solid pop punk record and worth giving a listen to, tracks such as Victims make it clear this band are ready to be listened to. It’s certainly an album that wears it influences on it’s sleeve, reminiscent of bands such as New Found Glory, their sound coming through pretty strong throughout the album – Rivers vocals make that comparison seem very easy on this record, and that’s not really a bad thing as this album has it’s own sound, the band making that style their own.

Stories Of Living have made a great record here, and if you like bands such as Yellowcard and New Found Glory, this album is perfect for you, as it channels their early noughties pop punk sound perfectly.There’s a lot of great things on this record, with some amazingly infectious choruses and a great attitude, and working with those melodies, this live is going to be awesome. Highlights for me on this record are Fxck This Party, Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur and Victim.



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