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Review: Funeral Advantage – Body Is Dead.

funeral advantage album artThe Native Sound’s, Funeral Advantage, released their new album last Friday before they tour down the east of the US at the end of this month. After many EP’s and split releases, this is Funeral Advantage’s long awaited debut record and certainly worth a listen – and you can listen to it on the Substream website now here.

There’s an other worldly tendency to this record throughout, with a sound that really can only be created by him, with unique melodies and vocals that are gently laid on top of them that work together excellently – Sisters is one of those songs where all the good things on this record come together.

Simplicity when it comes to the writing is clear, with some hooks and keeping it more about the melodies than the words and that’s no bad thing, it’s where Funeral Advantage’s strength is, with a real great talent with some very nice grooves that go on throughout the record. Tracks such as Back To Sleep really create a nice sound that will work so nicely live when he goes on tour in the near future, if you don’t tap your toe or nod your head to these tracks then I don’t know what album could.

Funeral Advantage has created a very nice pop record with nice grooves and beats that work incredibly well together, and the use of a combination of vocals on tracks such as Then I’ll Look are perfect, and it continues to work throughout the record. There’s a lot of great things on this record and if you like bands such as Lydia, then you’ll love this record. Highlights for me on this record are You Sat Alone, That’s That and Back To Sleep – but this album is all very good, if not a little too familiar in places.


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