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Review: Motives – Not Dead, Merely Sleeping.

motives cover artMotives are signed to InVogue Records, the home of bands such as Being As An Ocean, so definitely have something to live up to, so Not Dead, Merely Sleeping. Released yesterday, the band’s debut record should be pretty good. You can hear the band’s first single, Operator now at InVogue Record’s Youtube here.

Slagle’s vocals are immense on this record with a great energy, with a vocal that sounds emotional and raw that does sound excellent on this debut record, Motives here have some great writing as well that really does work with the melodies they have made on this album – It’s not an album of choruses but there’s a lot of depth here.

What, however does really stand out on this record is the rhythm section, tracks such as Carry The Weight, would not be the tracks they are withour the pounding drums and the guitar work that is put into it, the musicians being excellent on this record and really pushing this album into a higher class. Makeshift Homes continues this trend on the record with some heavy melodies that really are created by the bands rhythm section – it’s nothing really that new, but it does sound great together.

Motives have made a strong record with Not Dead, Merely Sleeping and it really brings together the things that influence their music, this allows for a great foundation to make their own sound as I feel this isn’t clear here, it’s quite generic melodic hardcore, but the musicians are very good and if you love the genre you’re going to like this record. Highlights here on this record for me are Forest Of Daggers, Carry The Weight and On A Hilltop, Past A Valley – it’s a solid record and it will be interesting to see what this band do next.



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