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Review:The Modern Electric – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Ohio quartet, The Modern Electric released their album last month, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – making a mix of cinematic pop, rock and soul the band take their inspiration from musicians such as Electric Light Orchestra and David Bowie, and with inspirations like that, it couldn’t go wrong! You can listen to the album here.

Creators of fun and creative melodies, The Modern Electric throughout the record make some really infectious beats that are full of an optimstic energy that really keeps you listening, tracks like (Try To) Pretend and Slow Motion Jeans are perfect examples of those melodies coming together perfectly, making for some great songs on this album.

I really like the vocals on this record, Komyati has a great voice throughout this record, it’s unique sound set against the groovy melodies really works together incredibly well, tracks such as The Summer Of Lou Reed and When All Else Fails really highlight those vocals, with gentle guitar melodies working with them, it sounds and feels good this album and makes for a great listen. The guitar work and piano rhythms running through the record really do make for an interesting sound, that I can think of no one doing in the same way, The Modern Electric are a one of a kind band.

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a great summery record, perfect to round it off, with sweet melodies and a nice groove that will make you toe tap or nod your head, it’s worth a list as it’s such a nice blend of their own styles and their inspirations. Highlights for me on this record are Great Expectations, Prowess Is Power, and (Try To) Pretend – this albums works incredibly well together and if you like an indie pop rock vibe, this is the record for you.


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