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Review: The Winter Passing – A Different Space Of Mind.

The Winter Passing, release their album A Different Space Of Mind on September 18th through 6131 Reords and FITA Records in Europe. Formed in 2012 in Ireland the band recorded their new album with Bob Cooper who has recorded with bands such as Nai Harvest, and with someone like that working with them in the recording process, it should be a good listen.

Kate Flynn’s vocals on this record are awesome and raw and really give this album a level of angst and depth I like, particularly on tracks such as Penny Chains, which is one of my favourite tracks on the album, and the softer vocals of the Flynn’s on this record on tracks such as Creak work incredibly well together. These working with some great riffs and drum work, brings this album together incredibly well.

Grungey guitars and production really works for this band on this record, giving the album a raw edge that makes for a great sound, tracks such as Grazed Knees really accentuate that on the album, however you can see that throughout A Different Space Of Mind as it all connects really well, making a consistently awesome sounding record, though in places some more clarity particularly with the vocals would be great.

The Winter Passing bring together some great music and melodies and some big choruses. The album is a solid record with a lot of good things going on on it, reminiscent of grunge styles, and done well, A Different Space Of Mind tells a good story of survival and life. Highlights for me on the record are Penny Chains which you can now listen to on the Rock Sound website, Creak and Nowhere Still. A Different Space Of Mind is an excellent record, and one of my new favourite female lead bands, this is going to be a record to hear live.




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