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Review: Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit.

Bring Me The Horizon released their new album yesterday, That’s The Spirit. Bring Me The Horizon have changed a lot since their inception when it comes to the sound, and this record does continue that change moving from the screaming vocals that dominated their early records to the mixed here. You can listen to the album in full now on Spotify.

Listening to this record at first I worried they were just treading the old new ground, creating a sound much like their support on their US tour coming up, Pvris and Issues, and though they may be influences on this record, this isn’t the case creating a better blend of big riffs on tracks like Happy Song bringing in unique layers on each record that work brilliantly together – live in a big venue, this album is going to be brilliant – Throne in Wembley will be epic.

Oli Sykes has one of the most identifiable vocals in deathcore – saying that I wouldn’t call this record that, I’d call it rock, I’d call it melodic, but back to the point, Syke’s vocals are incredibly good on this album and still as strong as ever and the combination of screaming and singing on tracks such as True Friends are how it should be done. What is also done well on That’s The Spirit is the use of different vocal layers on tracks like Doomed – they really add to the songs giving it a darker vibe to a more mainstream leaning on this record.

Writing wise, much like last record Sempiternal (If you haven’t got Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake chorus in your head after a few listens, you’re not listening), the choruses are huge, the writing has big hooks which certainly has changed a lot since the band’s inception – but the album has a great balance of the catchy tracks and depth, tracks like Follow You and Avalanche show the balance the band have created on That’s The Spirit, and it’s a good thing.

The mixed feelings around this record have been loudly heard, but overall it’s a very good record together, and though certainly the most accessible of their albums, it’s still an excellent bringing together of the expertise they have in creating melodies, brash guitars and strong writing. If you don’t like change you are so going to hate this album, if you love music done well this is the record for you, this album is excellent and perfect for where Bring Me The Horizon find themselves – on the precipice of domination.




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