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Review: The Wonder Years – No Closer To Heaven.

The Wonder Years once proclaimed they weren’t sad any more, well, if this album is anything to go by, things have changed for the worse as they release No Closer To Heaven on the 11th September through Hopeless Records. The band tour soon in the UK with Enter Shikari and the US with Motion City Soundtrack.

Campbell’s writing style is poetic and emotive throughout this record something that shows on pretty much every record this band has made, but it comes into it’s own on No Closer To Heaven, with some big choruses on tracks such as Cardinals, but the emotion this album is based on is huge and it punches you in the stomach with it, in every song – it’s one of the things this band have nailed.

Key to the lyrics in this band, are the melodies this band have done so well on this record, the guitars are displayed perfectly, A Song For Patsy Cline and The Bluest Thing On Earth, just kick into gear what this band can do with a guitar and it’s brilliantly done – I feel The Wonder Years with this album have set the bar once again for pop punk. The execution of this album is superb from the drum work on tracks such as Palm Reader and I Don’t Like Who I Was Then, creating an excellent foundation for this album.

No Closer To Heaven is an album many have said to be the best of the year, and it certainly is one of the best, bringing together everything this band do so well – this band constantly evolves it’s sound and it never sounds less than awesome. The whole album is pretty much a highlight, however tracks that stand out to me are Palm Reader, I Don’t Like Who I Was Then and Cardinals.




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