Thinking Lyrically.

Review: Red Line Tragedy – Learn To Fly.


Baltimore’s Red Line Tragedy released their album yesterday, Learn To Fly. An Alternative Rock supergroup, the band have a growing fanbase and with the riffs created on this record, it’s not shocking why. You can hear previews and buy the album on iTunes right now, and learn more about this band through their facebook here.

The band have a thing for melodies and it shows throughout the album, creating some emotional sounds here, on tracks such as Angel In The Ground, it works incredibly well – the album  together ties really well, the production making it clear this band means business. The guitars stand out throughout this record, tracks such as Forgotten and the title track Learn To Fly, show this band’s rhythm section works well together, creating an awesome sound in combination.

Richey’s and Hernandez vocals work well together, the screaming vocals are excellent, but Richey has a great vocal, that create a great balance on this record of screaming and singing. Learn To Fly shows this, they have really picked a great selection of tracks on this record. The theme of loss runs through the record there’s no doubt about it, and it’s written really well, and working with the musicians, done brilliantly.

Though it can feel generic in places, this band has a lot to offer on Learn To Fly, with some big melodies, great guitars and some great depth to the lyrics that make you feel the loss of the lyricist but with some great choruses on this record that will go down well live for this band. Highlights for me on this record are Hollywood Scars, Tragedy In Colour and Angel In The Ground.