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Review: Crossfaith – Xeno.

Crossfaith release their new album, Xeno on Friday and you can listen to the album in full thanks to Alternative Press right now. One of the most exciting bands coming out of Japan, last album Apocalyze had much critical acclaim here in the UK, so this new album has a lot to live up to.

Full of big electronic beats from start to finish, it’s not new, however it does sound good, and really makes for some tracks that will sound great live, tracks such as Raise Your Voice and Devil’s Party make it clear this band is not to be messed with when it comes to making melodies – reminiscent of early stuff from Enter Shikari melody wise, and that’s no bad thing.

Full of big choruses on this album, tracks like Ghost In The Mirror and Wildfire are excellent, and are both the collaborations on the album. Ghost In The Mirror with Caleb Shomo of Beartooth, who is an awesome addition to the track, and makes for a highlight of the album. And Wildfire has such a great bassline and really brings an energy shot to this album that this album needs. The writing is good and Kole’s vocals are on form throughout with a screaming voice that works great with the melodies.

Xeno is a good record and worth a listen if you like the genre, with some great hooks and some huge melodies that make the album stand out and worth a listen, though it doesn’t feel like new ground or anything new, I expect more from such a great band particularly live. Highlights on Xeno for me are Ghost In The Mirror, Calm The Storm and the lack of vocals and brilliant simplicity of Astral Heaven stand out for me, if you like this band, you’re gonna love this album.



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