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Review: So Long, Astoria – The Gentle Art Of Being Everyone.

slaSo Long, Astoria released their EP, The Gentle Art Of Being Everyone this week. Inspired by bands such as Lower Than Atlantis, So, Long Astoria have built a reputation in their homeland of Italy, supporting some of the country’s biggest bands. You can see the video for Masquerade, the first single off the EP here.

With some nice pop punk beats throughout, it’s a fun listen with some nice melodies on tracks such as Anne’s Eyes and Masquerade that bring some nice guitar work and some nice grooves that though not groundbreaking do sound really good together – if the production was sharper here, that would show so much better.

Lyrically very good, there’s some great choruses on The Gentle Art throughout, with a unique writing style, set to some good melodies, Gianfanti’s and Bellardi’s vocals on the EP are good here, and work together incredibly well, the vocalist having a great tone.

The Gentle Art Of Being Everyone, is a very good EP with some great riffs, big melodies and some strong vocals that are consistent throughout and worth a listen if you like Don Broco or Seaway – pop punk in general. Highlights for me on this EP are Anna’s Eyes, Miss You (For A Second) and Masquerade.



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