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Review: Mark Rose – The Wild Type.

Mark Rose, former lead singer of band Spitalfield releases his debut album, The Wild Type on September 25th, through InVogue Records. First single Well & Diet has had 10000 listens in it’s first week of release and you can see the video for that track on Youtube now and Rose will be releasing tour dates in the near future.

With a serious talent for melodies from the beginning of the album, it brings together many styles – acoustic, country and folk influences seem to be felt on this record and it’s done nicely. Rose has been inventive with his sound however on the record bringing in synth additionally to really add to the songs on this record. The sound on the album really accentuates the best of this guy’s talent with the music throughout The Wild Type, The One Where It Didn’t Work Out, shows this.

Rose has a way with words too and it shows from start to finish, working with the melodies tracks like Georgiana and I Don’t Know How To Love You are flawless, with some lush choruses and nice verses that make for some incredibly easy listening on this album. Rose’s vocals help too, which are excellent on this LP – each song just works, and they work really well together, it’s a consistently good album and well worth a listen.

The melodies are the star on this record, Mark Rose has worked hard on this album and it shows in every song, and it’s worth a listen if you like easy listening acoustic tracks that are perfect for this time of the year. Tracks that stand out for me are Like A Dark Sky Holds The Moon, Phone Call From Chicago and Georgiana – these tracks really bring together the best of Rose’s style on The Wild Type, smooth vocals, nice melodies and some effortless guitar work, these tracks pick up the record.




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