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Review: Will Tun & The Wasters – The Anachronist’s Cookbook.

Will Tun & The Wasters release their debut album on September 25th after five years of squatting and playing far flung venues, the band release The Anachronist’s Cookbook. Bringing together a variety of musical styles the band have traces of ska and punk in this record as well as hip-hop and world music, so it’s bound to be an interesting listen.

There’s no way you could ‘Fall Into A Sleep’ with this record, with speedy melodies and big beats that will keep you alive and awake, with plenty of energy going on throughout the record, and where you can hear those ska and punk influences. What makes it infectious is bringing in different instruments that really make these songs work brilliantly – Immigrants and Dissidents certainly shows the best of this bands varied music tastes on this record, reminiscent of bands such as Flogging Molly.

Lyrically strong and with some good choruses, the band have really good writing style with a political edge that works for the band, tracks such as Dead Fishes work great, with hooks that will draw any live show in. The vocals are unique and raw and work well with the melodies the band have created, tracks like Red & Black for example bring together the best of the band in one track.

Will Tun & The Wasters greatest strength is melodies and throughout this record the melodies are captivating, bringing ¬†together some great musicians to make them with a range of instruments that create some great sounds on The Anachronist’s Cookbook. Highlights for me on this record are Red And Black, Thunder and Nobody Knows – but it works great together and it’s worth a listen, it’s a record to tap your toes too.

The band play Reading, Bristol and Brixton soon, and this is the record you should definitely hear played live, cos it’s going to be a lot of fun to listen to.



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