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Review: Chvrches – Every Open Eye.

Chvrches return with their new album Every Open Eye, which is released on September 25th through Virgin/Glassnote. Creators of effortlessly good pop, synth and electronica beats, Chvrches new record is highly anticipated and you can listen to right now thanks to NPR, the link which you can find here – the band tour the US throughout October.

Mayberry’s vocals are brilliant throughout the record, and the writing works perfectly for her, tracks like Make Them Gold and opener Never Ending Circles stand out as strong tracks with big hooks that can get stuck in your head incredibly easy – this band always have had a knack for writing great songs and this album really does prove that talent hasn’t gone away, it’s just got better on Every Open Eye.

What of course really stands out on this album is the band’s way with melodies, that feels in places a throwback to Eightie’s electronica particularly on tracks such as Clearest Blue, and tracks like Empty Threat and Playing Dead have huge synth melodies that are brilliant and refreshing in a genre that has been expanding in talent, Chvrches have created some awesome music on this album and it’s great to listen to from start to finish.

Every Open Eye, is a great record and a great follow up to The Bones Of What You Believe, the record that put this band on the map, and with this record, Chvrches are going to be staying on it, and become a landmark as the band’s sound gets bigger and better. The hooks, melodies and harmonies come together brilliantly. Highlights for me on this record are Empty Threat, Make Them Gold and Downside Of Me, but there’s not a weak track on this record.



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