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Review: Afterwards – Rage EP.

Afterwards 1Afterwards, a four piece from Italy release their second EP, Rage on the 28th September. The band are influenced by bands such as Foals and Peace, and create a gritty indie sound which is worth a listen. You can find out more about the band through their Facebook page here.

The production on this EP really displays well this band’s way with melodies excellently, with some nice drum beats and guitar work that this band should be proud of making, tracks such as Gloom really bring the best of what the band does together on this EP, with some really great melodies and guitar work that stands out  – and this goes for every track on the record.

The vocal are on point throughout the EP particularly on tracks such as Something New, and this is where the writing comes into it’s own, the band have created some great hooks on this track in particular and have some awesome work on Rage that is certainly something I want to hear more of in the future – though in places it seems the band have stuck to their influences, the band really do make some great songs on Rage.

Afterwards on Rage have made some great songs and a great consistency that certainly nails the indie sound perfectly, with some great musicians and some excellent vocals – it’s worth hearing this record. Highlights for me on here are Gloom and Something New – but it all works together brilliantly, Afterwards have made a great comeback with this record, long may it continue.



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