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Review: Parkway Drive – Ire.

Ire, the latest album from Parkway Drive is released today through Epitaph Records. The first single from the album, Vice Grip was a good taste of what’s to come and you can hear the full record on the Rock Sound website right now here. The band return to the UK in February of next year.

McCalls vocals are raw and ready on this album straight from the start of the record, and some of the best I’ve heard so far this year – the album is written well too with some big hooks on the record, and some great lines and tracks such as Crushed and Writing’s On The Wall display some of the great writing on this record and McCall comes into his own vocally on Ire.

Musically, this album is an intense sound and the songs build brilliantly on this record, the band have gone into new sounds on this album and it works to their advantage. Guitars on this record are excellent, tracks like Crushed and Bottom Feeder are great – though on the latter the guitar work is subtle, the song would not be the same without the riff going on throughout. And it would be unfair to not make note of the drums which are also great – The Sound Of Violence and Fractures make that clear, though sometimes it seems you’re hearing the same sound often.

Ire is a new sound for the band and it’s done well, we see bands moving from the screaming roots to singing commonly now (most famously, Bring Me The Horizon) and when done well it sounds a lot like this record. The band have got some great production on this album and it works together well. There are many highlights, for me they are The Writing’s On The Wall, Dying To Believe and A Deathless Song.




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