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Review: Atreyu – Long Live.

No ImageAtreyu last week released their long awaited album Long Live through Spinefarm Records. Known for making consistently great records, Atreyu’s Long Live has a lot to live up to, and it does with ease. You can listen to the album now on Spotify and you can hear stream with added commentary here.

Varkatzas’ vocals are still brilliant as ever, on tracks such as A Bitter Broken Memory and opener Long Live, the raw screaming is great and the singing voice he has is very good particularly on the first track mentioned. This is all helped by the writing on this record which is excellent with big hooks in places but this album does still have a lot of depth to it, which sometimes can be lost looking for that chorus, but this is not the case here.

However, where this band come into their own is in the musical breakdowns on this record, the melodies created on tracks such as Revival are superb and Moments Before Dawn, the guitar work is nothing new but works effortlessly with what the musicians are doing on this record, and is consistently excellent throughout the record – Long Live is a showcase of metalcore, it’s just really how it’s supposed to be done, each song works perfectly together, the instrumental pieces connecting the album together.

Long Live is a great record with some huge melodies that really can’t be done by any other band so well, it’s an inspired album from start to finish and if you like metalcore, this record is a must listen for 2015, as it’s one of the best so far for the genre, particularly for the musicians who really deliver on this album. Lyrically strong, musically excellent, Long Live is a great album. Highlights of this record for me are A Bitter Broken Memory, Start To Break and Moments Before Dawn.



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