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Review: Watermedown – Somewhere Sleepless EP.

WATERMEDOWN is the project of 21 year old, Jonny Mays, who has recently signed to Equal Vision Records where he has released his EP, Somewhere Sleepless on the 25th September. You can catch Mays on tour with Man Overboard and A Loss For Words at the beginning of November.

From the very first moment of vocals you can hear the angst in his voice and it’s shown in the lyrics throughout the whole of the EP with the sound of frustration at romance and life woven throughout it, WATERMEDOWN has created some depth on this EP which is well written throughout, it’s not full of hooks but it’s certainly got a way of pulling you in anyway.

If there one thing that’s clear throughout is the dependence on the drumwork, particularly cymbals that are used to add some drama to this EP and it’s well used, particularly on tracks such as Safe And Sound and Exposure, giving a nice foundation for the record, and these combined with the guitar work does make for a good and consistent sound throughout the record. It’s a good basis to build from, this EP has a lot of good things, but it reminds me of too many other musicians to feel truly unique to Mayes, something I want to hear, cos in places this is a great record.

There’s a lot of great stuff on this EP and it’s worth a listen if you like the angst of work like La Dispute for example – maybe it’s the production or it’s lack something that really makes it stand out which is a shame because there’s a lot of good stuff but also a lot of stuff I’ve heard before.  Highlights for me are Serenity and maybe God I Found Hell, and you can listen to the whole thing over on Alternative Press right now.



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