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Review: Blitzen Trapper – All Across This Land.

BlitzenTrapper_4077A_(Credit-JasonQuigley)Oregon rock band, Blitzen Trapper release their new album on October 2nd, via Lojinx in Europe. Not afraid of taking inspiration from their influences, they have used to create their own sound taking ideas from folk, indie and art rock. You can listen to a stream of the album on Entertainment Weekly right now.

Earley’s writing on this record really does stand out, with some big infectious hooks on this album that live will sound great, tracks such as Mystery and Wonder and the eponymous track, All Across This Land really do make for some great writing here moving from nice pop melodies to some country sounds on tracks like Love Grow Cold, though in places a little repetitive on this record, there’s some writing with a lot of depth, and some great poetry.

The band really do have a thing for melodies though and such a nice album to listen to for it, tracks such as Nights Were Made for a more folk country sound and it works perfectly on this track, and this way with sound goes on throughout the record, though in places the songs can seem a little long, there’s a lot of great stuff packed into it, Let The Cards Fall continues this on this record. Some lovely guitar work runs throughout, and the use of harmonica on tracks for example on Across The River, work perfectly.

Blitzen Trapper have made a great record here, the album is full of energy and life that works perfectly together, the production really works brilliantly for the band, though long in places and repetitive on some tracks, the melodies really shows this band’s best side perfectly and in places some really great writing that really makes this band stand out. Live this band will be a treat to the ears if it’s anything like recorded. Highlight for me on this record are, Mystery and Wonder, Nights Were Made and Let The Cards Fall, but all of this album is pretty good.



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