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Review: Secret Space – Self Titled EP.

Secret Space EP cover artSecret Space has recently signed to Equal Vision Records recently, and has released their new selt titled EP, and you can listen to a stream of the record on the Alternative Press here. Recorded with Mat Kerekes of Citizen, this EP has a lot of promise and worth giving a listen to.

You can certainly hear the influence of Citizen on this EP, but it is Secret Space’s work throughout as they create some atmospheric melodies on tracks such as Everybody Knows and I Will Not Survive This that makes this band really show what talent the musicians this band have, particularly the guitars which really are on display as they make the songs on their label debut.

Tartaglia’s vocals are really very good on this EP and make for some great listening – but the writing is really where the band excel with some solid verses and some big choruses, tracks like Pit Of My Stomach really show how well this band can draw you in to a song, there’s not one bad song on this EP, maybe the songs can be a bit long, but it works here.

Secret Space have made a great record on this and if you like bands such as Citizen, you’re going to like this, because they share the same vein. There’s some great guitar work that really brings these tracks to life and the vocals are flawless throughout here. Highlights for me on here are Pit Of My Stomach and I Will Not Survive This, however this whole EP is excellent throughout.



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