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Review: Get The Blessing – Astronautilus.

Bristol’s Get The Blessing release their fifth album today through Naim Records, Astronautilus. Creators of some very intelligent melodies that work perfectly together the band tour throughout Europe this month and the next, playing a show at the Silk Mill, Derby on the 13th November, the video for Phaenomena, the first single from this album here.

Creating a mixture of great saxophone and electronics with nice drums and percussion, Get The Blessing create a distinctive sound for themselves on this new album which has a big atmospheric sound and a weaving of creative melodies that really work brilliantly together throughout the whole of the album.

The album in places seems very sombre, particularly tracks such as Conch that really give a deep and emotive feeling, perfect for a late night listen, then it can pick up and create bouncy beats that are perfect for evenings dancing, tracks such as Cornish Native are perfect for that and they’re next to each other on this record – sometimes it doesn’t feel it flows well as an album for those reasons.

Get The Blessing do a lot of things well on this album that work brilliantly together, it may not link up in places, and in places slightly disorganised, but it works really well. It’s the perfect listen for a late night, and that’s kinda what jazz is for. For me the tracks that stand out to me are Hayk, Cornish Native, and Phaenomena – for a track that was improvised it is certainly one of the highlights of this record and worth giving a listen to.




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