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Review: New Years Day – Malevolence.

New Years Day released their new album on the 2nd of October through Another Century Records and you can hear a complete stream through the Rock Sound website right now here. The band are soon to tour here in the UK through November with Chelsea Grin and this album is perfect for a tour like that.

Costello’s vocals are excellent throughout this record, she has a great singing voice but the unclean vocals are sharp and raw and really gets to grips with the writing on this album which is great throughout this record – there are choruses that really Costello makes her own but there is some great emotion throughout, tracks such as Alone put that on display.

The production really works for the vocals, but what else is accentuated here is the guitar work, which works throughout this record and working with the drums on tracks such as Left Inside and Relentless, particularly on the introduction of the track – it begins with some great drum work and guitar riffs that is a highlight on the record musically. It’s not breaking the mould, but it is very good and working with the vocals this album is great work from the band, everything works together brilliantly.

New Years Day have a lot of good things going on in this record, there’s a great attitude and rawness to the record, that the production makes slick, but in a good way here, the combination of the vocals on this record on tracks such as Anthem Of The Unwanted are excellent, and with some great rhythm work throughout, this album is really very good. Highlights for me on this record are Scream, Anthem Of The Unwanted and Defame Me, one of the tracks where the best of what this band do shows in every way, if you like a good rock album, you better listen to this.




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