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Review: Embracer – Mend.

Embracer, a five piece Indie band from West Virginia, recently signed to Take This To Heart Records and through them on the 9th of October they release their EP Mend. Taking an acoustic approach to the EP, the band caught the attention of the label through their performance on Warped tour and with this, it’s clear why.

The acoustic melodies work brilliantly throughout this short EP, which is crammed with some smooth melodies, there’s an art to great acoustic tracks and they seem to have done a good job at their work on here with a unique sound that works incredibly well through each song on Mend.

Bradley’s vocals on the EP work well with the melodies and it is really just lovely to listen to from start to finish particularly tracks such as A Man Without A Country. The EP is written perfectly throughout and tracks such as My Father’s Will are written to perfection. There’s a lot of good about this EP from the start and the way the record has been made really shows all the great things that this band can do acoustically.

Mend is a great debut for the band who can do such good things with a guitar, and this EP is proof, it’s too short and excellent to be able to pick highlights from and it’s worth giving a listen if you like some acoustic melodies with quality writing. You can listen to My Father’s Will through the band’s bandcamp and I recommend you do so as it’s some of the best acoustic I’ve heard this year.



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