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Review: Vengeance – Fools Follow Rules.

Vengeance, a band made up of members of bands such as Underdog, Blacklisted and Reign Supreme, release their Maxi-EP through Six Feet Under Records, Fools Follow Rules today, the 9th of October. Recorded with Don Fury, the legendary producer, the band release this on vinyl, which you can buy now.

Fuelled with agressive vocals and raw recordings, Fools Follow Rules is a frantic record, crammed with sound that works incredibly well together throughout, it blasts your ears with fuzzy guitars and drums that pound your eardrums with no subtlety at all, tracks such as Your Pride make it clear this band are not here to go easy on your hearing and it’s no bad thing.

Thrashy guitars are this band’s bread and butter throughout, with a rough sound to the production that adds to the DIY feel to the EP, that works for the band better than most, and with the drums that are heavily using cymbals to create some great drum work, this band have created some great music, introduction track Dead And Gone lllustrates the best of what this band can do, changing pace in the track quickly, showing the range of what this band can do – the expertise truly is on display here.

Fools Follow Rules is a raw and ready record ready to knock your eardrums out for a while, the vocals are coarse and perfectly woven with those guitars and drums that really work incredibly well together. Highlights for me on the EP are Your Pride, Point Of View and Pushed Too Many Times – listen to it as a whole, as the songs compliment each other, it’s a real great record.



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