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Review: Trivium – Silence In The Snow.

Trivium have been around fifteen years and in their anniversary year, they have released their new album Silence In The Snow through Roadrunner Records on October 2nd. This is their seventh album and you can find a stream of the album here, or you can find it right now on Spotify. Trivium are currently on tour in the US.

Silence In The Snow has a flair for the dramatic straight from the start of the record, which makes for an enticing listen throughout, in places it seems quite cliche for the genre, Pull Me From The Void and The Ghost That’s Haunting You seem like tracks I’ve heard somewhere before, however there’s a lot of huge guitars and big melodies that more than make up for this throughout.

Heafy’s vocals are still strong throughout and really pushes the vocal envelope on here, with a great singing voice and creating some great harmonies throughout the record. Until The World Goes Cold really makes it clear that the guy can has some vocal talent and matched with the drama they’ve created with the music, it works well. Lyrically it doesn’t feel strong here, but there’s some good choruses on this record and and the music makes up for the writing on this album.

Trivium’s latest effort is good and is worth a listen if you like solid riffs and melodies that are consistent throughout the whole of Silence In The Snow. The introduction to the album is unique and creates a great introduction to the record – interludes are popular on records right now, and this works well here, building this record up from the start. Highlights for me on this record are SnØfall, Rise Above The Tides and Until The World Goes Cold – an album to be listened as a whole, it’s another solid record from Trivium.



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