EPs & Singles.

Review: Earl Grey – Passing Time.

A band I got to see live with Chunk, No Captain Chunk too long ago now, Earl Grey, released their new EP on October 9th, and you can find a stream of all their new music over on the Kerrang! Website right now.

Full of energy and bounce, this EP has some great melodies here on this record, tracks such as Backstabber and Haven have some brilliant melodies and some big guitar riffs that really make Passing Time sound very good. The production may let it down sometimes, however in places that raw recording adds to the sound here.

Vocally it’s strong on this record throughout, with an awesome screaming voice and working with the music, it makes for a strong sound, this band know what they’re doing here and it makes for a great listen, maybe in places it can seem generic, the band though do some great things here particularly creating melodies.

Earl Grey make a strong EP, and there’s some extremely good writing particularly on title track, Passing Time which has some emotive lyrics and the raw energy the band create is no bad thing on this track. Highlights for me on this EP are Backstabber and Passing Time, but it does sound good together, so it’s worth giving their whole record a listen.



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