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Review: Junior – Juniorland EP.

Displaying A band made up of a professional wrestler, a children’s author and a runner of a non profit, are an unlikely bunch of people to be in a band, but they are the three that make up Junior who release their EP Juniorland tomorrow themselves. Junior go on a short tour at the beginning of November, go see them.

Vocals that are reminiscent in places of Blink 182, one of the band’s strengths lies in it’s writing as well, with some great lyrics and depth, that makes you get the message that there’s something wrong – tracks such as A House That’s Not Quite Home, really illustrates this all.

That’s not to say this band don’t have energy, there’s plenty of great melodies on this EP, the band make some great riffs on tracks such as That Pretty Dress bring a great bounce to the record, and If I Had The Time I’d Tell You I Was In Junior steps up the pace. Tracks such as Lakeside slow though it down, reminiscent of early tracks by All Time Low, there’s lot of awesome stuff being made on this EP, the whole thing sounds great as a whole, but acoustic and stripped back this would sound brilliant.

Though sometimes it feels it is in the wrong order, it is a great EP and live this will sound great, with some energetic guitar work and some awesome choruses, the vocals are the cherry on top on this record and it’s worth giving a listen if you like some good pop punk. Highlights for me are Lakeside, That Pretty Dress and Anywhere But Here.



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