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Review: Calico – Self Titled EP.

image002Calico, a Brighton based quintet release their self titled EP on the 19th October through Small Pond Recordings. Their self titled debut comes after supporting bands such as The Hidden Orchestra, the band have a math rock sound that really works out well for them here on their first recording.

There’s some great melodies and unusual tones throughout the EP that make it captivating, tracks such as Euphorism with the vocals of Beth Cannon sound incredible and atmospheric – it works incredibly well with the rest of the record. The production really showing every strength of this band, particularly the use of trumpet on the track that really adds something to the song.

The band bring together a lot of influences on this record and the jazz influences  really shine throughout, tracks such as Folding A Winning Hand really make those influences clear, which creates great melodies and makes the whole thing connect together perfectly. This band work together incredibly well and it’s so worth a listen if you like your music unique.

Calico have made a short but sweet EP here and it’s made brilliantly, bringing together a range of influences and a collection of excellent musicians, Calico should be proud of what they have made here. Highlights for me on this record are Euphorism and Rogue, there’s a lot of good things here, go listen to it when you can.



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