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Review: Amenize – Black Sky.

Amenize Black SkyAmenize recently released their sophomore record, Black Sky on October 16th. Reminiscent of bands such as Killswitch Engage and Sevendust, the band have released the lyric video for Black Sky which you can see here. Taking over a year to complete, you should hear their hard work if you like some well made metal.

The raw vocals from Corey are awesome on this record throughout, the production makes every raw scream clear, and it sounds amazing throughout – his singing voice is pretty good too, the blend of the two working on tracks such as Rivals. The writing is full of energy and brutality which works consistently all the way through to the end on Black Sky.

But what adds more to the vocals and writing is the music this band have created throughout the album, with some solid guitar riffs throughout the album, and working with the drummer on this record, it really makes for a great listen and a new direction of sound which keeps Amenize’s album incredibly unique. An incessant pounding of bass drums and twangy but raw riffs it makes for a great combination of instruments that I’ve only heard this band do.

I really enjoyed listening to this album, the subtle violin work on tracks such as Blood River work perfectly, creating an atmospheric introduction to the song to that bring the guitars later in the track, it’s a clever record and some really great metal being made here. Highlights for me are Blood River, Leeches and the introduction, An Endless Dystopia with the use of spoken word and melodies is a brilliant start to the album. Personally I’d listen to the whole as it works incredibly well together, produced perfectly, the best of this band is highlighted to the end of the record.



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