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Review: The Heavy Jets – Common Mantra.

pictureThe Heavy Jets release their EP, Common Mantra on Monday October 26th. The band take their influences from classic rock bands and newer ones such as Royal Blood and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The Newcastle Upon Tyne band are doing local shows, and you can hear the whole EP on Spotify now.

Full of big hooks and catchy choruses throughout the EP, the writing is solid and makes for a great listen, that raw recording works for this band and it makes for a fun listen throughout – tracks such as Don’t Tell Me Why are  a perfect example of all the great things that this band do.

Nice riffs flow throughout the EP, which really work nicely with the vocals which are consistent throughout and it gives the EP a great energy. I’ve Been Away is a perfect example of this, and makes for some tapping feet and nodding heads throughout – Common Mantra is a solid rock EP, awesome melodies and big choruses where to an extent where it may seem a little repetitive, particularly on eponymous track Common Mantra.

The EP is a fun thing to listen to and live will be awesome, with some great catchy songs throughout, it’s impossible to dislike. Highlights for me are Drop and Don’t Tell Me Why, but it’s all very good here and it’s worth hearing the whole thing, live this could bring the house down.



One thought on “Review: The Heavy Jets – Common Mantra.

  1. They are absolutely brilliant, if you have’nt seen them do because you are missing out. Best live band in the Newcastle area by a country mile. and when i say live band i mean rock! not 4 kids dancing and howling with a baseball cap on back to front!!!!!

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