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Review: Shreddy Krueger – Deeper Darker.

shreddy krueger deeper darker album artShreddy Krueger release their follow up record to 2013’s The Grieving this week, Deeper Darker. Released on the 23rd the band have a great reputation for making great records. The band will be doing a run of local shows in the near future in their homeland of Canada, which you can see here.

The band continue the great sound on this record with some great melodies throughout Deeper Darker, creating an atmospheric sound but with some rough and ready guitars and big drum runs that really need to be heard, tracks such as Ouija are made to be played very loudly, very loudly indeed, and if you like rock music you won’t mind that for a second.

Vocally strong throughout, the high notes are incredible, tracks such as Deadman’s Creek make that very clear and combined with the screaming vocals this band have a great voice and it works brilliantly throughout the album – and working the melodies the band have created, it works together even better. The creation of this album has allowed for everything to sound great on this record, tracks such as Amber Waves, make this so clear. The writing is emotive, and lives up to the band’s album title, and the music suits the words perfectly on here, creating that dark and emotional sound throughout the record.

Deeper Darker is a great album, the melodies are awesome, but what really brings this album to another level is the combination of vocals which are brilliant throughout this new record, the entwining of the singing and screaming is done the best I’ve heard in a long time. The highlights on this record are numerous however for me the tracks that stand out to me are, Heathen, Iceland and Ouija – but this whole album flows brilliantly, it’s worth giving it a complete listen.




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