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Review: The Subways – Self Titled.

the subways cover art july 2015The band recently released a free EP, Burning Heart, and now they release their new self titled album. Released on October 16th, the band are certainly brilliant on the EP they released and they should live up to it on their new record. The band are touring throughout Europe soon, and you’d be mad to miss them.

The band continue what they do best on this album with some excellent writing and groovy melodies that work perfectly together, Taking All The Blame is a perfect example of these two things coming together brilliantly. It’s the kind of record you go to gigs to hear, it will get people moving, it will get people singing but it still has that depth which makes it an incredibly unique record.

The use of female and male vocals throughout just works with this band, it entwines brilliantly on this album and makes for a great sound and working with the guitars in particular on tracks such as Good Times it makes for such an uplifting vibe on this record. Not that this band can’t slow it down here, tracks such as Because Of You really take the pace down and with the subtle piano work, it works incredibly well – I’m not sure there’s anything this band can’t do.

This new album is really hard to find fault with, great from the second it begins, The Subways have made a great album and if you like pop punk it’s worth a listen, nice grooves, amazing choruses and fantastic riffs, this band have done good. Highlights for me on this record are Dirty Muddy Paws, I’m In Love And It’s Burning In My Soul and Taking All The Blame. This album is one of the highlights of the year, go and listen to it right now.



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