EPs & Singles.

Review: Broadcaster – Spin EP.

Spin, the latest EP from Broadcaster was released last week through Jump Start Recordings. The Long Island three piece create a nice blend of indie rock and punk and taken that style in to a more stripped back vibe on Spin, which suits the band perfectly. The band play The Fest in Florida, based on this, go see them.

The stripped back sound suits the band, that raw and ready sound makes for some great listening throughout the EP giving the guitars an imperfectly perfect sound that really suits the band on Spin. Tracks such Spin Around The World and All The Wrong Reasons really make for some great melodies.

The vocals here are really good and suit the sound they are trying to make, but really the melodies are what make this EP with some great guitar work, tracks such as Next To You working with the snare laden drum melodies work awesome together. Broadcaster have made a simpler sound on this new EP and it showcases their talent all the better here.

Spin is a short but sweet EP and makes for some great listening, great riffs, a raw vocal and some great drum beats, this band know what they’re good at on here and show it on Spin, perfectly, it just takes time to begin to enjoy it, it grows on you with each listen. Highlights for me on Spin are Don’t Say Much and Next To You – if you like indie rock, this is your perfect record.



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