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Review: Dresses – Let Down EP.

dresses let down cover artDresses, a duo creating awesome indie-pop release their new EP on Monday, October 26th. Opening for acts such as Kate Nash, Dresses create infectious melodies whereever they go, and Let Down their second EP, really makes that very clear. You can listen to Fools right now at Sodwee, a highlight of the EP.

There’s some lovely melodies throughout this melodies, in places sugary sweet and in place, atmospheric, which makes for an interesting listen. Tracks like Catch and Frozen are so different, but everything fits so well on this EP, it works – the writing is catchy and fun when it needs to be, but it doesn’t stop it being good, there’s a nice honesty to the writing that’s rarely seen.

The duo’s vocals work perfectly together throughout the EP too and it makes for a very nice listen, tracks such as Drift Away and again Catch work perfectly due to the pairing of the vocals, they sound amazing together on Let Down, it really adds another great layer to the record in partnership with some really nice melodies, the title track also makes this really clear.

Dresses have made an EP that is certainly no let down, really groovy melodies, sweet vocals and a great use of sound, Dresses have made an awesome record, fun in places and emotional in others, it’s not supposed to work, but here it does, and if you like some well made pop music, Let Down is the music you want to give a listen to. Highlights for me are Let Down, Catch and Drift Away.



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