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Review: Seaway – Colour Blind.

Seaway released their new album on the 23rd October through Pure Noise Records and you can listen to the whole thing through the Rock Sound website here. The band are currently on tour throughout the US and you should certainly go see them because they are awesome live, you can see a review of mine here.

The album from the start has a great energy and gets started with some big guitars and pop punk angst from the beginning of the album, tracks like Trick and Slam make it clear this band have created an album to really get a show started and they do it pretty sucessfully, with fuzzy guitars and a simplicity that really works on this record. The drumwork provides a great foundation for this album and really puts some great bounce into tracks that really need it, Turn Me Away is a great example for this.

The writing in places can be repetitive, the album has hooks but it doesn’t feel it works quite right in places, Still Weird, sums up how I feel about listening to it, as it feels disjointed in places and it doesn’t help the flow of the album and some tracks just remind me of other bands, Stubborn Love in particular. Vocally though Seaway does have a great vocalist in Ryan Locke, who really does give this album some emotion, you can hear it particularly tracks Airhead, where that angst can be heard in every line.

Colour Blind is a strong record and really brings together the best of what this band do, those big choruses and some awesome guitars, but in places it doesn’t feel too unique and that is a tragedy because this band know how to make some great songs and it doesn’t feel like it shows consistently throughout this record, in fact I think this gradually gets better as it goes along – I expected more. Highlights for me are Airhead, The Day That She Left and Trick.



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