Review: Modern Baseball – The Perfect Cast EP.

MOBO Presents: The Perfect Cast EP featuring Modern Baseball cover artI really like Modern Baseball, live they impressed me, and as we wait for new album, Holy Ghost which is likely to come out next year, the band released a surprise EP through Lame-O Records on Friday, which you can give a listen through the Alternative Press website right now.

Bringing their own unique way to melodies from the start of the EP but with a more fuzzy sound to this record, the band create a unique thing for them here on The Perfect Cast – it’s that Modern Baseball acoustic sound with a production that gives the EP an edge that works so well here, particularly on The Waterboy Returns and …And Beyond.

Luken’s vocals on this EP are still awesome, he has a unique vocal that really set this band apart, and working with the sound this band create here it does sound great, it’s not particularly new, but it does sound awesome. The choruses are huge of course and easy to pick up, The Revenge Of The Nameless Ranger, keeps it simple with the hook but the melodies work brilliantly, you can almost forgive for this lack of creativity.

Modern Baseball bring us a surprise EP, but it does lack surprises, but it does sound awesome and the songs are just what Modern Baseball do best, it sounds like a transition record between albums and may have some clues as to the direction of the new album, if so I’m not that worried. Highlights for me on this are The Revenge Of The Nameless Ranger, Infinity Exposed and …And Beyond – I look forward to Holy Ghost if this is a taste of what’s to come, live this will be great, as they cross the US soon with PUP and Tiny Moving Parts.



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