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Review: The Curious Incident – Penny Lonesome EP.

pennyThe Curious Incident release their EP October 30th, Penny Lonesome. Describing themselves as Eclectic pop and rock, the band certainly know how to give themselves a unique genre to play around with and this four track record really does do that. Bringing different styles from across the world, the EP really shows they’re coming from and going places.

This band know how to make some really funky melodies that really kick off  as soon as it starts, Money starts off the record and gets your toe tapping from the first note, with a sort of samba vibe to the song which really shouldn’t work but does so well here – and this continues on to Diane too, which brings together simple melodies into a melee of amazing sounds, it’s like organised chaos and it’s awesome to listen to.

I think for me in this confusion of sound, the use of repetition is used a little too much, the hooks are infectious, there is no denying that on Penny Lonesome, but there’s no real construction of good choruses, tracks such as Please Don’t Say lack depth, and it feels like it’s made up for in tracks too late such as in The Hunt which really shows how good they can be. This EP really shows their strength lies in the music they make.

Penny Lonesome is a bundle of energy, a bunch of tracks that incredibly well together, the production really accentuating the interesting sounds this band can create. Penny Lonesome should be a cacophony, but it works perfectly together and makes for a fun listen. Highlights for me on this, would be The Hunt and Diane. You can hear the EP through the band’s Bandcamp page here.




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