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Review: ReVerbed – Another Year, Still Here.

Displaying ReVerbed have had a tough time and were close to quitting, but they are still here for another year and with a new release, their new EP coming out last week, Another Year, Still Here. Going back to their roots with these tracks after six years of being together, you can hear the EP at New Noise now.

The combined vocals of Waugh and Donoghue really do sound good on this record, Zoe Waugh’s vocals are strong throughout, tracks like Bury Me really show that, and combined with Donoghue’s screaming vocals in the chorus it does make these songs sound great. The writing is also very good, with verses that are raw and emotional, but with big hooks, creating a great balance on this record, it really shows the expertise this band have in making music.

The melodies aren’t revolutionary, but they do sound awesome with some awesome guitar work on tracks such as Keep Me In Your Eyes, and working with the drums this EP, it’s clearly a band who can work together incredibly well, the rhythm section doing some great things in the background. The acoustic sound of final track, Promises really makes that track stand out, proving that sometimes less is more and it’s something that this band are consistent about, Breathe In, Breathe Out’s intro is done with subtlety and it works perfectly.

ReVerbed have made some great stuff on this EP, it’s short but sweet and well worth a listen. Sometimes the production lets it down, but that doesn’t stop you seeing how good the songs are, with big choruses and some awesome riffs. Highlights for me on this record are Promises, Keep Me In Your Eyes and Bury Me, but I like all the tracks on Another Year, Still Here – and I’m very glad they still are.



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