EPs & Singles.

Dead Leaves & Pine – Split EP.

Dead Leaves and Pine soon go on tour together, the two bands signed to Take This To Heart Records, and to celebrate the tour they will be dropping a split EP on November 6th. The bands start their tour on the 4th November and if you like ambient emo rock music, this is possibly the tour for you.

Dead Leaves create slow emotional melodies on this EP, opening track I’m Sorry, Darling, is a graceful and melodic tune that works perfectly with the vocals of Elliot Blair and with the writing being emotive but with hooks that will get stuck in your head the band create a perfect balance with the couple of songs they have on the split.

Pine have a great lead singer in with a raw vocal that really works on this EP, tracks such as Lopri are simple but they are done well, with nice guitar work that really keeps your attention, the female vocals work incredibly well with the sound the band create. Waste the first track from the band has a great energy and gives this EP some bounce, really speeding it up the record perfectly.

These two bands work together side by side perfectly on this short EP, so I’m sure that tour will sound great judging by this split record, it’s difficult to pick highlights as all four songs all have their strengths that it would be wrong to select favourites. If you like bands such as Balance And Composure, this is your kind of record and definitely worth giving a listen.



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