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Review: Nadia Kazmi – Lamb EP.

lambNadia Kazmi released her EP back in August, but with her new video for track off her release Haunting coming out, Lamb her latest record came to my attention. Stretching across many genres including blues, alternative and jazz, Nadia Kazmi has a unique sound. You can see the video for Haunting here and hear the whole thing on Spotify now.

Opening track Kill The Monster, keeps it simple lyrically but has a frantic energy to it that really gets this EP off to a great start, it’s how I would begin a record and with the bouncy melodies of Lamb In Wolf’s Clothing following, which really displays the great writing Kazmi can do. Lamb In Wolf’s Clothing becomes a highlight for a bit, replaced by another of her tracks, Father Knows Best comes to mind, really bringing to the fore those punk vibes.

Not that Kazmi can’t slow it down tracks such as Haunting Of The Heart really creates a nice groove while bringing her influences together elegantly, and this also shows on Blaze A Trail, which creates effortless melodies and with her strong vocals, makes for a perfect track on this EP.

Nadia Kazmi has a great sound throughout this EP, with plenty of energy in places and a way of slowing things down excellently, Kazmi’s Lamb is an awesome listen throughout. Highlights for me on this record are Father Knows Best, Blaze A Trail and Lamb In Wolf’s Clothing, but it’s a difficult choice to make.



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