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Review: Sons Of Settlers – Lullabies For The Restless.

sosSons Of Settlers release their new album worldwide today, Lullabies For The Restless. With incredible harmonies and multiple layers of awesome musicianship, the South African folk band have created a great sounding record, You can learn more about the band on their facebook here.

Lyrically simple but effective, the album feels genuine and very real and with the lovely harmonies that run through this record, they work in partnership incredibly well. You Are Not Alone springs to mind when it comes to this all coming together to create a really great song, The Valley Next To The Sea also really shows the simple genius on this record, that Sons Of Settlers really bring on Lullabies throughout.

Melodically, it’s rooted in brilliant folk melodies and guitars that work brilliantly on this record, tracks such as It’s Cold Outside and To Yesterday bring together that folk acoustic sound and a modern twist to create an interesting sound, and with the vocals from the whole of the band it works altogether as a whole with such ease for the band. The album does stick to its roots too though, the eponymous track Lullaby For The Restless, sticks to that traditional folk vibe and does it well, this song not feeling over familiar, which some of the album does suffer from.

Sons Of Settlers have created a great album here with magnifcent harmonies and creative melodies that really work well together. Highlights for me on this record are The Valley Next To The Sea, Stay Together and It’s Cold Outside. A record that Sons Of Settlers should be pleased to debut with, I think they can do so much more with their sound as they bring together a great collection of musicians and vocalists, if this is the beginning, the next record can only be better.



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