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Review: Stay The Sea – I Was Jealous Of Her.

I was jealous of her cover artGeorgia alternative rock band Stay The Sea, recently released their album I Was Jealous Of Her in August and it’s a very good listen. Drawing from a range of inspirations including Sigur Ros and A Lot Like Birds, you can listen to the new record through their bandcamp right now here.

Able to create melodies that fit a complete story, this album does feel like a very melodic and perfect accompaniment to something, with dramatic pieces in Distort to a more alternative rock sound found in next track Speak – it may seem contradicting, but it does work. Stay The Sea make a diverse sound on this record that really works together incredibly as a whole, each track connecting to the next, particularly Devil and ‘For Three Years..’

With great melodies created on guitar, particularly on tracks such as ‘She Was A Really Cheerful Girl..’  Stay The Sea have some great musicians that fuse lots of different styles together throughout the record. Bringing that distorted style that they created on their last record, this sound really blends well with their newer inspirations and it all weaves perfectly together on I Was Jealous Of Her all the way to the end of the album.

Stay The Sea have created a great record of ethereal melodies and and melodic guitar work that works brilliantly here on I Was Jealous Of Her. The music works together incredibly well and the band have been inventive with the sounds they make, creating a great album here from start to finish. Highlights for me on this record are Distort, Speak and She Was A Really Cheerful Girl, So No One Had Any Clue – if you like Floral, check this band out.



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