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Review: Grimes – Art Angels.

Grimes makes an interesting sound, what some call ‘grave wave’ and that intrigued me and with new album Art Angels coming out on the 6th November, which you can listen to on Spotify now, I gave Grimes a listen and I’m sure glad I did. You can see Grimes live in the UK in March of next year.

With consistently great melodies and amazing vocal arrangements that work with each track, Grimes makes an incredibly fascinating record to listen to, giving your ears in exercise as they listen to the intricacies of each track she makes. The busy sound of Flesh Without Blood really just shows how detailed her tracks are and it makes for an incredible listen throughout.

The vocal mix here is vital to the sound Grimes creates and the vocal layers are incredibly precise, tracks such as SCREAM really show that, with different speeds and harmonies working together to create a great track – this also shows on tracks such as Kill V Maim, where it all works together perfectly. Grime’s whispy vocals are accentuated throughout the album too on tracks such as Belly Of The Beat and though it can feel a little repetitive in places, the track displays just how unique her voice is, with a delicate sound to it that she uses to perfection.

The writing is certainly strong in most places, she has a unique way to a hook, tracks such as California can easily worm their way into your head, and is a perfect track to really open the record, and Artangels is such a brilliant track and it shows exactly why she picked this track to name the album after with great writing and a beat that could get the dead moving.

Grimes has made an awesome album here, with huge melodies, amazing harmonies and a way with beats that works perfectly together throughout the record. The collaborations with Janelle Monae and Aristophanes are both excellent and well worth a listen, particularly Venus Fly. Highlights for me on this record are California, Easily and Venus Fly, go listen to this record if you like bands such as Pvris, you’ll like this.



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